Thank You for Making 2021 a Good Year!

What a year it's been, dudes! Like any small business, we've had our ups and downs during the pandemic, but the year 2021 has been quite the redemption year for Cookie Dude, huge thanks to all of you who supported us through the year. What better way to wrap the year up by saying thanks to everyone who has supported us.

Buku-Buku Kafe:
To our first-ever partner. You have been nothing but amazing to us this year, showing unending support and understanding during our times of hardship, sometimes not being able to deliver as effectively early in the year. For that, thank you! To any foodies out there reading this, please try out their food. I kid you not, BEST FOOD IN THE SOUTH. *drops mic* Drop by their soon-to-open branch in Parkway Corporate Center, Alabang. You can also order through their website: https://bukubukukafe.com/


To the amazing startup that built our site, thank you! We cannot recommend you enough! From your amazing customer service to your hands-on approach to building us the best website possible, we are so proud to have made our biggest investment to date with you. To any small business owner reading this, build your online store with them!

Caw, Francisco & Co.:

Earlier this year, Cookie Dude also took the leap of registering our small business with the SEC, BIR, Barangay, and the Las PiƱas City LGU. Cookie Dude being Alexis and I's first-ever business, registering for the first time is a really scary process, which needs to be done right. That said, we're extremely happy to have gotten professional help from the talented team at Caw, Francisco & Co. Thank you for your work! To any unregistered business owners reading this, we highly recommend them.

Our Customers:

Definitely last but not least. We would not still be up today without your support, and this year, did we need it more than ever. For that, we are extremely thankful. Not only have you been just wonderful customers, but loads of you have given us such valuable feedback, which is always appreciated with open arms. Feedback, not only for our cookies, but for our website, and customer service. In the next year, we have plenty of surprises in store to serve you all even better, and we at Cookie Dude cannot wait!

This year has been hard for everyone, individuals or small businesses alike. If anything was learned by us in this tough year, it would be to keep going. Even when it seems like you're not going too far right now,just keep on going. Really does pay to be persistent in your goals. When all else fails, have a cookie! Happy New Year, everyone!

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