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Cookie Dude's chewy-gooey treats run out fast in Buku-Buku Kafe because our customers love their perfect date night desserts paired with our brewed coffee. They've been our go-to dessert partner since.

- Jessica Santiago, Manager and Partner, Buku-Buku Kafe -

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Great Quality Wholesale Cookies

We are proud of these cookies, and we're confident you will too! Schedule a call with us, and we can talk about sending you a sample to let the cookies speak for themselves.


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We are as proud of our clients as we are proud of our cookies! Our partners have been mentioned time and time again in press publications, social media, and on our blog.


Convenient Implementation of Technology

We know you are busy running your business, so we made a site to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you. This, we can demonstrate upon request.


Reliable Customer Service

If you are on it, we can be there to reach you. Whether it be Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Email, we can be there at any time of the day to answer any questions you might have.